The workings of the mind sometimes tends to be obnoxious……..
It wasn’t a long time ago that most of us had ideas in our minds of how we want to be, who we want to be, and what directions we would want our lives to be driven to when we grow older but then, we finally realize that life sometimes always have plans of its own, and most a times, we might not have the strength to fight to hard to get exactly which one we want or to get exactly what we want out of life.
Then conceding, most people give up on life, they give up on fighting, they give up on the struggle, they give up on what makes them human because sometimes the part forcefully forged for them by life is too much for them to fight or redirect. That is why many humans exist in life but they don’t live their lives. So which would it be? Existing but not living or living but not existing? In every thing we do in life, there is always two parts to choose from mainly to give us a sense of dilemma or put us in one. Which is why in all we do in life, we need Gods direction, to forge a path through life for us by himself, so when you re passing through such dilemmas that life offers, you know who to call.


a new dimension of entertainment……ARTIE KING A BORN TALENT

I know my blog readers would know how talented and good this artist,his songs, and his video are by my going out of my usual genre of blogging to do this but I couldn’t help it. I appreciate talent wherever I see it.
‎Download the video to Artie King’s Afurum Gi N’anya (I Love You). A simple love song by fast rising Nigerian born Afro singer Artie King Adigwe based in Ghana seems to be making waves in the heart of his fans within and across Africa after notable releases of singles like “Jeje” and “Poison”.

The creative writer/director is poised to interpret his musical art in a frame he tags on “#realitymusic”, in his own view that depicts art and life as one hold of existence.

Poised for musical tours in Nigeria, Africa and the world extensively Artie King is definitely one Artist to be looked out for in the heated up Nigerian music industry and onward.

Afurum Gi N’anya Video Download Link:


Afurum Gi N’anya Audio Download Link:


Does love at first sight actually exist?

This topic interest me because it has garnered so many attention over the years maybe because of how many people use it when expressing how they feel,while some also use it when trying to deceive.
At the end of the day,you find out that this phrase has left so many lips,broken so many hearts,melted many hearts,broken so many relationships,and also created so many relationships too.
Many youth considers this phrase a cliche but few also have different views about it,which is why I decided to ask and get their opinions; Onyinye Ubaka, a final year student believes that love at first sight doesn’t exist , according to her,its a spark that can lead to love but not love at first sight.
According to Akpan Imaobong, a 100level student says she does not believe in love at first sight because she feels its fake and has no lasting effects. I don’t know if you do believe it,but I will like to get your opinion……..


If there was a war coming on, and sides were being choose, whose side would you be on? The side with more advanced technology and strong alliances or the side that is morally justified and fundamentally and objectively right?.
As majority of us know, Life is all about choices and choosing. And choices are translated into actions. We all fight wars everyday, whether physically,mentally,physiologically, psychologically, financially and socially.
Our whole life is detailed ,influenced and also involves a little bit of war in our everyday to day lives and our choices is what makes us different and who we are. The sides we are on, the sides we choose, and what battles we fight.
Imagine facing the dilemma of having to choose between doing a job you don’t like but pays so well, and doing a job you love but doesn’t pay as well. What do you do? What side do you stand or fight on? What choice would you make?
Same applies to the Electoral college, who do you vote or choose to represent your interest in government? A person who is straight forward and can do the best for the nation or a person who paid you a huge sum of money?
Life is about choices and we all make it and fight the wars before making the choices we make. Sometimes,its easier to run,and avoid making choices,but that’s a part of living life, because sometimes running away doesn’t change it, sometimes you can’t avoid fighting battles.

whta is right?

This question doesn’t cross the mind at first but at the end it does. When you think everything you feel,think,believe and live is right, but at the end it becomes a question of what is right?.
Take for instance a woman getting married,they always feel wedding jitters, and also wedding fever and at the end most of them still get married , why? Because at that end, they still came across that same question of what is right? Because we all have doubts about some facts of life.
Take for instance again, most kids give their parents tough time even the grown ones, and at first in their own thinking,its the right thing to do but at the end of that road of self loss, of doubts, of rebelliousness, of worthlessness, there is only 3 questions to ask yourself,
Is it worth it?
Is it right?
Where does the road end?
And only you can answer this.
Its been a while,tune in tomorrow for more. I’m back and better. Thanks to all ma readers for their emails, I appreciate.

Trouble in Dating Land(Trust)

The other important factor that affect relationships is Trust.
A 39 years old Banker said ” I believe sex and trust are the two important factors in a relationship, in fact, good sex and trust can make a relationship last long.
How can great relationships be accomplished nowadays when people go into relationships suspecting each other?
Most women have this mentality that all men cheat, in fact, they believe its in their “DNA”, which means they go into the relationship,having at the back of their minds that their spouses cheat, even when he does or doesn’t !.
Trust is an unshakable belief in someone, or their capability in any aspect. So when you are committing yourself in a relationship, you should be able to trust your partner, if not, you both would remain stagnant. Trust is something you build, and it always grow stronger.
It takes a lot of time to build trust, but it can be destroyed within seconds.
Make sure you have trust in your relationships,because it plays a very important role in a relationship.
Check in tomorrow for the continuation

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Trouble In Dating Land

I have been working on this and also researching for a while before I wrote this particular item.
There is a problem in the land of dating and I don’t think it can be solved easily or quickly.
I am going to list some of the problems that majority pin pointed on;
*SEX* : now this one, carries the majority vote, in fact, its the first thing that they all talk of when they are asked to list the factors that cause problems in the dating world. According to the ladies, the reason why few people date and few relationships last is because, Men are only interested in one thing, sex!. They also believe that you can have a relationship and still not have sex, but the Men will never agree to such, she said,the men will only quote, ” we spend money on you guys, so we should be able to have a reward” which in other words mean Sex. So how can relationships last when one is using the other. Even the ladies too use their men.
A young lady of 28 said ” over the years, Men have become so obsessed with the feeling that if they don’t have sex with their partners, they will feel less a man. Most of them even believe that because they spend paltry sums on their partners, it guarantees them sex. If that is the case, then we ladies are no better that prostitutes if we oblige them that way, wouldn’t it be better if we just came up front,tell them the amount and have sex with them? Because I honestly don’t see the difference”.
A 32 years old Man had this to say on the issue ” ladies have become more evolved and independent over the years, so when a man who is your partner wants you to have sex with him, which I should mention is his right as your boyfriend, if you don’t want to, tell him no and walk out of the relationship if you both can’t compromise, but most lazy ladies who depend on their so called boyfriends, wouldn’t leave and they re the ones who succumb, so everyone has their own belief and agreement on the issue. I think, if I’m in a relationship, I have the right to have sex with my girlfriend. Even when you have the sex, it has to be good ,because nothing hurts a man’s pride or ego more than a bad sex.
Sex plays a major role in a relationship, and many other factors which we will treat one after the other every day, so make sure you check in tomorrow.
We would love to get your opinions and thought on this topic.

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Almost Kidnapped by her Mother

She was just five years old, a little kid with nothing serious on her mind except her parents. They had seprated when she was 3 and her father got custody of her because in their village custom and tradition states that a child belongs to the father.
Now two years later, she travelled with her father to the village for Easter, where she was almost kidnapped.
Her father had gone to Onitsha for a meeting and he had left her in the care of his sister and her kids in the village which was 15 miles from Onitsha.
When the little girl and her cousins were playing, a man came from behind, grabbed her and started running. The little girl began screaming, and her screams was heard. She turned and noticed her mother beside the male kidnapper and she calmed down a bit visibly.
The youths of the village were already chasing them and that made the little girl scared again. “What’s going on mum?” She asked nervously
“I rather die than let them take you away from me because I know they will turn you against me”. The mother replied.
Fifteen minutes later , the youths caught up with them, they took the girl from the man and flog both the man and the woman naked!.
When her father came back and heard this,he quickly relocated with his daughter but she never stopped missing her mother.
The mother went through a whole lot of pain for her daughter, emotionally and physically. And a little kid suffered emotionally too.
Tell me what you think…….

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My Matchmaking Experience (part seven) Cynthia

Everyone wants me to tell how my own matchmaking went, so I’m going to tell it.
Now, among this group of dancers, Michael was the one who intrigued me. He was charming,polite, and funny. He was also extremely handsome and down to earth. During most of the rehearsals, we pair together to demonstrate some routines and we spend a lot of time together and we became very good friends.
Maybe what intrigued me about him was the fact that he wasn’t a big talker and he kept mostly to himself and I became the exception when I became his friend.
When it came to dancing, we had huge chemistry and we complete each others step perfectly.
One day after rehearsals, he invited me to come hang out with him and I agreed. We met up later in the afternoon and he drove me down to an entertainment centre in Ikeja, and what I saw made me speechless and motivated.
We saw young kids doing amazing dance routines and acrobatics, we had fun that day and I got to see a different side of him.I was touched that he knew just what I loved and would love to see.
It seemed everyone in the group started noticing that we were getting closer and the teasing began,Abigail said,”when you guys dance together,sparks fly”
Valentina said “thris is mucho mucho amor”
They just kept on prompting and teasing and we always laughed at it all but we never let them push us into a relationship.
The next day after the performance, we all had lunch to be together one last time before everyone left because Valentina, Antonio and I will leave the next day for a video shoot in San Diego,Mexico city.
Michael asked me there and then to be his girlfriend, and I was elated and happy and I said yes but my joy lasted for just 12 hours because after we all parted that evening, I decided to surprise Michael and pay him a visit to say goodbye before leaving the next day, only to find his pregnant Ex-girlfriend who he will be married to the next month, right there.
The parents of the girl has refuse to listen to any story and they had said he must marry her and his parents also agreed.
I asked him why he didn’t tell me, he said he thought it would blow over but he didn’t expect them all to be adamant and now, he would have to obey the wished of his parents. He asked me to forgive his foolishness and selfishness, I told him I bear no grudge and we parted good friends.
He’s happily married to Okeoghene and they have a son.
Check in tomorrow for another outstanding true life story.

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My Matchmaking story (part six) Abigail

Abigail Okpore is a fun loving person in general. She’s calm, beautiful,classy and funny. She’s very open minded and funny.
She is from Delta state and she’s in 200level in Lagos state University studying Mass communications.
She was a terrific dancer and her brother was a music producer. She loved to sing too and she got us tickets to some of the coolest parties and introduced us to some of the coolest celebrities who became friends with us and sometimes dropped by the dance studio to see us.
After a while, we started getting some people, coming over to make advances to Abigail, and she always turned them down.
Abigail is beautiful, slim and dark in complexion, tall and sexy.
We all teased her that she didn’t want any guy but a surprise awaited us on the performance day.
After the performance, we all cleaned up and headed towards our family members and friends in the audience.
Abigail called us to follow her, she wanted to introduce us to someone and we followed. She introduced us to a tall fair man, extremely handsome and looked athletic.
“This is my husband Martins, and my two sons, Ejiro and Simon”. It was then we noticed a boy of six and a boy of four by their side. We were all surprised because she was 24, young, slim and also a student.
” My God, you fooled us all, how do you cope with all of it?” Gbemi asked,
” I help-lot” her husband said smiling, he is a lawyer and we all exchanged greetings. They ve been married for 7 years.
I was happy for them and their 7 years of marriage. It wasn’t easy and happy marriage are hard to find. I was really extremely surprised!!!.
My story comes tomorrow, check in!!!

My Matchmaking Experience(part five)

After the whole love triangle hassle between Valentina, Antonio and Danny, we all started rehearsals again the next week and the show was due in 3months.
When we all arrived, we found out that Nathan was back to join us for rehearsals. I know what you are all thinking, who the hell is Nathan? Well he is one of the three guys in the group.
Remember I said that there were three guys and three girls in the group, Nathan couldn’t join us in the beginning of rehearsal because he had to go take care of some family emergency.
We all welcomed him happily and after rehearsals , we all sat down to have breakfast before heading our ways.
Abigail was the first to speak to him, “Nathan, how are you?” He politely told her he was fine but trust Gbemi to always go straight to the point rather than fishing, ” what was the family emergency Nate?” She asked,
” My parents were both sick” he replied.
We all gave our condolences , Gbemi told him she’s sorry but she’s glad that they are better now so he can join us for the rehearsals with full concentration, only for us to get a shocked reply,
“They are not better, they are dead, they were buried last month” Nathan replied, we were beyond sad for him, especially me, for I know how painful it was to loose a parent talk less of two.
It was Valentina who added a bit humour to it and made Nathan smile; ” well atreest you are thrirty, you are wrell tro do, and you can geef them brefitting berrial” she said in her heavily accented English.
We all left that day. Over the remaining weeks of rehearsal, we began to notice that Gbemi and Nathan were getting closer, she made him smile, made him angry but also made him happy. It was odd because they were the opposite of each other.
Nathan is an Igbo guy from Anambra state while Gbemi is from Ondo state. Mind you, I have nothing against it.
Nathan is polite,courteous and patient, while Gbemi is very impatient, and temperamental.
They are like oil and water, but it seemed they complete each other.
We always teased them, but gave them their space .
It was the D day, the day of the show. I was backstage getting them hyped, I told them, ” whatever emotion,grudges,problems, or any other distracting feeling you have tonight, drop them right at this backstage and don’t take any onto that stage because on that stage, you will shine. 6 months of thorough hard work is not going to be blown away because of what you carrying inside of you. So go out there and show people what dance is all about.” And they did, it was a magical moment, the crowd went crazy!!!!
And after the performances, they dragged me on stage and gave me credits, I was proud, I felt like a mother who had done a good job.
And then came the block buster moment, when Nathan went on one knee, and proposed to Gbemi, it was magnificent! And unexpected! And that made the crowd go crazier. She accepted and 5 months later, they were married. Gbemi used to teasingly say, she rushed the wedding because she didn’t want Nathan to see her at her worst soon and run.
She gave birth to their son two weeks ago.
Check in tomorrow for Abigail’s love story.

My Matchmaking Experience (part four) Valentina

I was angry and worried after what I had just heard from Antonio. I started calling,searching and asking to get to know the whereabout of Danny and Valentina.
I was mostly worried for 2 reasons;
(I) Valentina speaks no english but hears just little as at that time and Danny knows no spanish,which means communicating would be hard on both of them.
(II) If our contractor finds out that they abandoned a project, they would be left off their contracts.
After three days, I was able to reach Valentina on the phone, she was crying and babbling about being scared and stranded. I asked her where she was and she said she was in Abuja, and my startled mind screamed Abuja!? I hadn’t expected them to go that far even though I knew that Danny was from there. I told Valentina to stay put and that I would be there soon.
I took the next bus that morning heading to Abuja. I tired calling Danny severally, but he didn’t pick up, I was about to give up the effort when he finally called back. I asked him where he was, and he said Lagos, I told him to text me the address of his house immediately and he did.
I went to his family house, picked up Valentina where she was babbling some spanish words to Danny’s grandma, and the lady was confused.
I couldn’t get her to talk or tell me what happened because she was hysterical, so I left her alone. When we got to Lagos, I asked her what happened, and she said they had gotten to Abuja and Danny began showing her around, and after that they went to the family house and it was empty then, so Danny had taken the oppurtunity to try and touch her and she had slapped him and then he had started spewing insult at her in English not knowing that those where the first things she had learnt in English and she had slapped him again and the next morning he left without her.
And then I called Danny and asked what happened, and he said he had tried to show his affection outwardly and had wanted to touch her and the next thing he knew , she had given him two hot slaps, and he angrily left.
After rehearsals the next day, I told them both to talk and I will translate, i did, and they were still friends.
To cut the story short guys, Valentina and Antonio realised that their friendship over the years had grown into love and something much deeper than friendship and they started dating, and as I am talking to you ,they are engaged. My match making failed, but God’s own didn’t. They will be in Naija soon for their wedding,because they want to wed where they realised their love…..
Check out for Gbemi’s own tomao….chao!

My matchmaking Experience (part three) Valentina

Valentina Padrosuelo was 22 years old. Born to an italian mother and a mexican father. She was given very much freedom since her parents were always busy trying to make ends meet. They lived in the favellas(ghetto) in the infamous Elsalvador in Mexico. When she was sixteen, she got busted with her best friend Antonio when they tried to steal from a supermarket.
The parol officer assigned to them gave them two options. Either they look for something to keep them less idle or they go to juvie( underage jail).
That’s where dancing came in and changed their lives. They join a neighborhood dance crew.
And from there they started making a little bit of money from perfoming at shows.
They both got a turn around when they where both eighteen, Jennifer Lopez popularly known as J.lo came to perform in Mexico. They both audition to be part of her dance team and were picked.
After dancing with J.lo for 2 years through out her tour, they started dancing in music videos in L.A .
According to Valentina, she has been lucky with guys or relationship and the only steady men in her life were her father and Antonio.
Now let me start with my matchmaking;
When Valentina and I got talking about her love life, she told me she had never found love since most of the guys in mexico were Bastardos(bastards) according to her though. She said she had high hopes of finding love in Nigeria and I promised to help her.
During the next few weeks of rehearsals, I noticed that Danny was showing lots of interest in Valentina and he didn’t know how to approach her, besides Valentina speaks only Spanish and she was just learning bits of English.
So I came to her after rehearsals and told her what I noticed and asked her if she liked Danny and she said yes. I told her to encourage him to make a move if she likes him.
On my way home, I met up with Danny and told him I noticed he had a thing for Valentina and he said he did. He then I asked me to help him pass the knowledge on to Valentina since I’m her friend and I speak spanish, and I told him I would.
Imagine my surprise when I came for rehearsals the next week and was told that Valentina and Danny hadn’t come around. I went to Valentina’s best friend, Antonio to inquire about the whereabout of his friend, and he said they had a fight and wasn’t on speaking terms when it happened. I furiously asked him what happened, and he said “ellos se han ido” (“they are gone”) and I asked him what does he mean by that and he said “ella ecampo una bolsa ye se fureon” (“she packed up a bag and they left”)……to be continued

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My Match making Experience (part two)

Continued from yesterday…….
Every day. After the rehearsals, we would all sit and talk. Let me tell you a bit about this dancers that so captivated me.
Gbemi was 24 years old, a graduate of the University of Illorin. She graduated with a bachelors degree in Economics. She has two elder brothers and she’s from Ondo state.
She told us that her passion for dancing brought about a bit of scuffle in her family. Her mother supported her passion for dancing but her father and two brothers didn’t. They alienated her except for her mother. She was caught in a huge dilemma, she loved dancing but she also loved her family. After a few months, she decided to cut a deal with them, she would go to school only on the condition that they give her their unwavering support and approval to dance after she graduates and they agreed. Her father agreed hoping that the university would change her mind,but it didn’t. And she was trying desperately to make her family proud of her…till they asked her to marry Adewale Thomas, he was a family friends son. He was charming and nice except that he had so many rules he wanted her to follow after they were married. And she refused, so she was single and open to love…… At the end of this story, I will tell you who she found love with ……To be continued

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My Matchmaking Experience( it didnt end well)

It so happened that I was contracted sometime ago to instruct a group of dancers and choreograph a dance routine for a show with them. I was very elated and excited at this new project. As a dance instructor / choreographer, every contract is exciting because they all entail different things and something new, and this one did. On an agreed date, I came to the studio where I would coach and instruct this group of dancers so we could meet and get acquainted. Immediately we got acquainted, I felt an instant connection with this group of dancers which happens a lot. We were all excited.
The group was made up of six dancers, three girls and three boys, and I was going to coach them on 3 different dance types; Salsa,Contemporary, and hip hop. We chose to meet on tuesdays and sunday nights because freelance dancers, get up to three different contracts at a go and they ve days of rehearsals too, so we met on Tuesdays and sunday nights and rehearse till dawn.
The Next week, we started, I as the instructor, was the first to arrive, and I waited for about twelve minutes before the next person arrived.
Her name was Abigail but she said “call me Aby, everyone does” so I did. She was friendly and smart.
The next person to arrive was Gbemi, she was rude but her dancing made up for her shortcomings in politeness and courtesy.
The next person to arrive was Daniel, he said “call me Danny, that’s what ma mum calls me” and I did, he was creative and intelligent.
The next person was Michael, now he was the person that caught my attention. Maybe because he was aloof but polite, or because he was dashing and dangerously handsome and didn’t seem to know it. Or maybe because as a dancer,he was very unique.
The last two people to arrive were Valentina and Antonio, they were mexican best friends who were contracted specifically for the show and they became my dearest friends even after they left.
As the night progressed, we all got to know each other better and we became a family.
Now let me bring something to your notice readers,
(I) Valentina speaks no english neither does Antonio n I was the only one who could interact with them because I speak spanish,though they became fluent by the time they left.
(Ii) Valentina came with the hope of finding love in this country.
Want to know what happened next? Check out my blog tomorrow.
To be continued…….

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CJEL DANCE ACADEMY PRESENTS; Annual Social Network Dance Competition..Sign up! Its free

Hi everyone, its that time of the year and I’m here to inform you about it. The most anticipated annual competition.
CJel dance Academy presents; 2013 Annual Social Network Dance Talent Competition.This an annual event where people across Nigeria who feel they have the talent of dancing showcase their abilities.All you have to do is send your data and relevant information and dance video to
It is a competition where people with no chance at showcasing there talent show to the public, what they can do. Once you send your dance video, it will be posted on all blogs,social networks, you tube and the general public will vote for you. You can campaign for your votes on social network and direct them to the blog where they can vote for you or the social network. On you tube, how many views you get is your amount of votes.
The ten finalist will be picked and contacted for another videos which will be voted on again,then the final 3 will be chosen and then a winner will be chosen.
There is no material prize that can be given, except social media popularity. This competition is strictly for fun.
Send your details e.g name, age,sex,school or profession,state of origin, base,and why you think you deserve to win,picture and then video. Your video must not exceed 6 minutes. And must be at most 6mb. You may not gain any material thing from this competition but at least you gains;
Connections with other people who share your passion and more,
Have fun
Showcase your talents and
Gain social media popularity
Let the best man win!!!!!!!! This competiton starts November 8 and ends December 15.

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The “do’s” and “don’ts” that women should take note of in their relationships.

*(don’t) Criticize him: Most women criticize their men a lot. They come to you for support not criticism. Even if their actions and opinions are wrong, you should gently point them out,but don’t criticize him.
*(do) Total honesty: I’m not going to start analyzing the reason why women lie to their men, because most women lie for no just reason, but try to be honest with him, it will boost the trust level in your relationship.
*(don’t) Neglect him: Most women don’t intentionally do this but it happens. They neglect their men without intending to. Always make out time for him no matter how busy you are. Create an alone time for both of you to be together. It will strengthen the feeling you both have for each other.
*(do) Understand him: Understanding is one of the ingredient for a great relationship, try to understand him. The things he doesn’t like, don’t do them, the things he likes, do them.
*(don’t )Conclude without Asking: Women read too much meaning into something quite simple. always ask him the things you don’t understand. Get to know him. Never conclude or assume.
*(do) Pay attention and listen: Always try and pay attention to him and listen to him when he talks to you especially when he tries telling you something in confidence. Its not easy for a man to tell his woman things sometimes, so whenever he does, do listen!.
*(don’t) Expect more than he can give: you know what he can offer you, so don’t expect more than he can give, if you can’t be contented with that, you tell him.
*(do) Accept him the way he is: don’t try changing him to what he can’t be, you might the man he is- negatively. Just accept him the way he is.

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the ‘do’s’ and ‘dont’s’ Men should take note of in their relationships

*(do) Compliment her: the thing about most men is that they get too comfortable in their relationships thereby forgetting the simple things that strengthen the feelings of both partners in a relationship. Never forget to complement her when she looks good or does something good.
*(don’t) Ignore her: I’m a woman,so I can rightfully tell you. One of the things we hate is being ignored especially by our men. Always make her feel noticed. In fact, make her feel visible.
*(do) Remember important dates: Men have been known to always forget significant dates. Always try to remember important dates, like birthdays, anniversaries,etc. It shows you care and it makes her feel loved.
*(don’t) Over acknowledge other ladies: women get jealous and envious when their men pay too much attention to their friends or colleague. Don’t over acknowledge other ladies in the presence of your woman, it makes her feel inferior and incomplete. You can pay compliments to other ladies but never pay them too much attention. Don’t make her feel like she’s competing for your heart.
*(do) Make her feel important: Women love to feel important, it makes us feel needed and wanted, so, always go out of your way to make them feel important.
*(don’t) Overanalyse: The mistake men always make is,they try to analyze everything that their women do, everything they say, in other word, they are trying to figure out the way women think, or the reason they do the things they do, which means, they are trying to figure women out which is impossible. So take the good with the bad, its part of the bundle of a relationship.
*(do) Be honest: Most people say, if you don’t lie to your girlfriend, you don’t love her. That’s a huge cliche, you as the man, try putting yourself in her shoes, and I’m sure you would not like being lied to. Always try to be honest with her in all things and it will strengthen your bond and trust.
Feel free to leave your questions and your comments!.
Happy birthday to a great friend Elizabeth Ita Effiom. You are a jewel!!

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laws of life as we simply know it

At point in life,we get to a place where we would have to stop being a nuisance of and for ourselves in time so as to nurture our selves and our capacity and our abilities.
It could to a point where it might seem to us that our dreams are gradually fading without being fulfilled,but can only be remedied by a change of heart,mind and state of reaction.
Do not react to every little thing,
An image of virtue is what we should portray,
An image of excellence,diligence,outstanding credibility too.
An image of reliability,,intelligence and great outcomes.
Always try to be different and unique in your own way.
Be a general example of good deed and not of bad ones.
Be able to forgive and be nice,
Karma is always available.

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thoughts of a suicidal lonely girl

I am sad and hurt-but not just that..
…For just no reason anyone might understand.
Morning ,noon,and night, I stare myself in the mirror,thinking-what more could go wrong in the world or in my life?
Maybe I should just end it? But another mind says maybe not.
Life is not so simple, and neither is it so easy, but maybe I’m just so tired of figuring it out….or maybe I’m just tired of fighting for it. Everyone ui love, everyone I care about don’t want me!they ve left me! Even the one close to my heart!! The fact is I’m all alone.or that’s what I thought until I stumbled along a piece of paper that said
“You are never alone for I am with you
Signed Jesus”

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Nigeria’s 53rd birthday, good or bad?

Today, its Nigeria’s birthday, its our 53rd birthday, and I am glad and happy for my country. Now the question on everyone’s lips is ‘is it worth celebrating? And what are we celebrating?’. People ain’t happy, mostly because of what has been going on lately.
The student done go to school, what with the ASUU strike that’s been going on for two months nw, or is the infamous bill brought out by the member of the parliament.
Or is it the sacking of government officials, to hid their secrets, or is it the bad roads, bad houses, unemployment, and no light?.
There are lot of things going wrong in this country but we are different,and there are reasons to be glad and grateful.
We don’t have erosions and tornadoes, we don’t have huge rainfalls that sweep houses and drown people.
We don’t have serial killers that kill people on daily basis. There are lot to be thankful about in our country and we have the best weather any country can boast of and we are survivals no matter our situation, so before we keep thinking and complaining of the sides, let’s also remember the good sides…….
HAPPY INDEPENDENCE,!!!!!!!! Happy birthday naija

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LOVE AND LUST;the big difference, which are you feeling?

You know, most people confuse LOVE and LUST to be the same thing but the fact still remains that they absolutely two different things.
LOVE is a feeling of deep affection, its also a feeling of deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone. Some people say its a deep tender and sometimes incomprehensible feeling of affection and solicited towards a person,such as that arising from kinship or personalities.
Now let’s define LUST;
LUST is defined by some as a very strong sexual desire or having a strong sexual desire for someone. Its also defined by the Greek as an overwhelming desire or craving,its defined as the Polish as an intense desire or craving for gratification through SEX.
The British says its a purely physical or sexual attraction and has no lasting effect.
The Spaniards define it as an uncontrolled or illicit desire or appetite,or also a passionate or over mastering desire.
Now let’s see the differences between this two:
*LOVE is a strong connection between two individuals that can have a sexual connotation but is not limited to just that,while lust is a lecherous passionate and over powering desire.
*LUST is just a physical attraction,craving for SEX and physical satisfaction but LOVE is more than just chemistry and sparks,it deals with feeling and emotional accomplishments.
*LOVE is an intense feeling of affection and care towards another person but LUST is all about pleasure.
People tend to confuse this two people and it leads to them hurting their partners, so now you know, which do you feel for your partner presently? Your comment and questions are welcomed!

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God’s word to enrich your sunday

We live in a world of anarchy, a world where battling and violence is in full force.
But even in all the chaos, God said ”we are not alone”. Heaven is watching, God knows all our plans and the plans of everything and everyone.
Wherever you are and in whatever situation, you are never alone.
Every image is a projection of the object and your image is a reflection of your originality and your originality comes from God.
Reasons why we are never alone:
*you are an image of God
*you cannot be separated from God no matter how much you try, you can only be disconnected.
*everything in God is represented in you if only you can let it show.
*you are the design of God’s power.
*you can always be a new creature.
*the moment you become a child of God, you become an heir to God’s kingdom.
(Roman 8vs 15,16),(Mathew 26 vs 27) (isaiah 1vs 1)
Never forget, you are a vessel of God, appreciate who you are and you will always be ahead.

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Marriage is the legality of ɑ relationship, ℓ.e the legal relationship between ɑ husband anϑ ɑ wife.ℓ̊ know people defines ℓt as ɑ union between two people who are nt related by blood.But all ℓ keep wondering is why people do get married?What keeps people married for ɑ long time or ɑ lifetime?how do they know how †ό take that next step?when is the right time †ό move from being engaged †ό being married?. ℓ ve always thought married people were funny,the way they acted, lived,anϑ even the way they fought anϑ quarel,anϑ then i gόt †ό spend time with two amazing has been married for five years, while the other has been married for thirty two years anϑ still the L♥√ع anϑ respect there in both marriage. Anϑ i realise that marriage is’s never easy bt ℓ̊t is the most amazing experience.

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A relationship can be ɑ way two people treat each other.ℓ̊t is also ɑ loving anϑ sexual friendship between two people,so why then is ℓ̊t d other way round nowadays?.male anϑ female partners treat each other differently in ɑ some relationships, after ɑ lot of research, ℓ̊ found out that most people dόn’t go into ɑ relationship because of the feelings involved but because of the benefits.most of the women see their partner as ‘money making machine’ while the guys see their partner as ‘ sex machine’. Anϑ at the end of the dɑγ , they end up using each other †ό satisfy their own personal needs,anϑ yet they still call ℓ̊t ɑ relationship.ℓ believe in L♥√ع ,anϑ ℓ̊ believe in being in ɑ relationship were feelings re involved anϑ nt just needs.Relationships should mean more!!!!!!!

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Never forget about a lesson any experience taught you, cause that is one of the greatest gain of the past. the past is always blended into the present which continues into the future. Whatever you do today will move into the past anϑ cɑn affect your future. Mabel was pretty anϑ beautiful, ℓ̊ mean she was every man’s dream anϑ every man wanted her.she flirted anϑ dated any guy she wanted anϑ even cheated on some, she also broke ɑ lot of hearts in the process. One dɑγ , she met ɑ great guy anϑ fell instantly inlove with him anϑ he fell for her too.they began dating, after ɑ year, he asked her †ό marry him, she excitedly accepted anϑ they began preparation for their wedding. ɑ week tό the wedding ,ɑ knock came on the door, Mabel went †ό answer ℓ̊t ,when she did, she saw one of her past boyfriend Derek, she was so surprised, “Derek, what are you doing here?” she asked, he walked into the house quietly, “ℓ should ask you the same thing”he replied ,that was when Mike her fiancé came out, he smiled anϑ shouted “Derek!!”he rushed over anϑ they hugged themselves, Mabel asked her fiancé who Derek was, anϑ she was told they were Brothers . Derek then told his brother that this was the woman who cheated on him anϑ broke his heart two years ago. Mike was devastated, because she had almost damaged his brother.if u were in his shoes what would you do? Your past is always going †ό be in your conciousness so be careful how you create ℓ̊t .

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ℓ dόn’† know why most people dόn’† understand that men are special, ℓ̊ mean they were created by God first.He gave them the right over everything, anϑ even made women out of them, now if that doesn’t make them special, what cɑn? Nowadays,things ve changed,in different levels anϑ categories. Men anϑ women have lost respect for each other in ways that are unimaginable.Women have lost respect for men in ɑ diminishing way, they see men as money making machine! Instead of ɑ life partner or ɑ companion.the most interesting anϑ insulting one is the term in which they now address most men, like:”MUGU” or “BOYTOY”.ℓt is funny how things have changed.Men were made the head for ɑ reason,so why the insult?anϑ the disrespect? Why make them seem unmanly when all they ve done is care for you? You cɑn’t blame them when they begin tό disrespect you cause you gave them a reason †ό .never undermine ɑ Man,ℓt’s ɑ sign that shows lack of value.Men are great!some may not deserve †ό be, but some do. So show respect!!!!!!!!

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ɑ̤̥̈̊ woman should be ɑ̤̥̈̊ mans pride A̶̲̥̅̊nϑ not his ridicule object.we were ♍ɑ̤̥̈̊de †̥̥ό̲̣̣̣̥ be the object of ɑ̤̥̈̊ man’s heart,adored,cherished,respected,loved, A̶̲̥̅̊nϑ cared for by her man.ɑ̤̥̈̊ woman was made ɑ̤̥̈̊ man’s helper but not In the way people understand ℓ̊t .A woman was made ɑ man’s helper ,his assistant,his companion,his partner, anϑ above all , ɑ big part of ɑ man’s life.We are meant †ό be ɑ source of joy A̶̲̥̅̊nϑ happiness †o ɑ man,but if they treat us like dirt then how are we supposed †ό make them happy? Or resist hurting them?shouldn’t we be getting the L♥√ع A̶̲̥̅̊nϑ respect we deserve?don’t we deseve ɑ̤̥̈̊ little consideration anϑ not degradation?.We should be pampered like eggs anϑ protected like eaglets. Anϑ not men who insult anϑ embarrass us.Women are virtuous,even though some are not.treat us like who are to you.

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Hi, ℓ̊t’s ɑ̤̥̈̊ beautiful Sunday morning wher ℓ̊ A̶̲̥̅♏ A̶̲̥̅̊nϑ ℓ̊ hope ℓ̊t is too wherever you ℓ̊ A̶̲̥̅♏ going †̥̥ό̲̣̣̣̥ start by telling you about myself,♍Ɣ name is Osajibenedict Chinenye Cynthianatasha, ℓ̊ ve ɑ̤̥̈̊ lot of other name ℓ̊ will tell you guys someday.ℓ̊ dance, sing, A̶̲̥̅̊nϑ writer.ℓ̊ A̶̲̥̅♏ ɑ̤̥̈̊ professional dancer A̶̲̥̅̊nϑ ℓ̊ hope †̥̥ό̲̣̣̣̥ start acting professionally someday when ℓ̊ A̶̲̥̅♏ ready.ℓ̊ A̶̲̥̅♏ 18 years of age.ℓ̊ A̶̲̥̅♏ dark I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ complexion.♍Ɣ hobbies are dancing, singing, writing, reading,watching movies A̶̲̥̅̊nϑ listening †̥̥ό̲̣̣̣̥ music.ℓ̊ recently finished recording ♍Ɣ second song I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ studio.i L♥√ع ♍Ɣ life even though ℓ̊t is Š✆ complicated. HOPE YOU L♥√ع YOURS TOO

Faith or Fate

We have to realize this, in every step we take in life, we have to begin to realize that there has been predestined steps, per performed stages of our varied lifestyles. That is why most a times we cannot acknowledge that this very things help the things that we do, the choices that we make, the steps that we take and the various countenances of actions we take in our daily lives.
However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it gives us an outlet, in this very sense I mean that this very fact that we have predestined actions, choices, and lifestyle does not give us the excuse that whatever we turn out to be is as a result of fate, but the paramount question is do we believe in faith?
Most people believe that we have been destined to be who we are and what we are in life, but most people also believe that we create our own destinies, which is why in life, it is always advisable to have something or someone you believe in, not like the role model kind but a supreme being. Most believe in God almighty which is who I have my faith in, but i think that the important question is what do you believe in?